Why train as a mediator?

Mediation skills can be used in many ways; at work, in the community, in families and even in your own home. There are opportunities to practice in a voluntary or professional capacity. If you successfully complete our course NFSM would be happy to hear from trainees interested in volunteering and gaining experience in our area.

The course

NFSM offers a six day course run over six weeks on two consecutive days a fortnight. The cost is £850 + VAT. NFSM may be contacted to discuss payment options.

Course Objectives: For learners to develop a set of skills, attitudes and knowledge to equip them to work as a qualified mediator.

Experience required

Although no previous experience is required, the course is a Level 3 programme that is A Level standard.

Sufficient competency in language and social skills are needed to participate, and learners should be able to

– discern, and accept, different cultural patterns of behaviour in others

– engage in self-development

– maintain adequate objectivity in emotionally charged situations

– undertake participatory exercises in groups with other learners.


Overall learning aims

The course is divided into three Units:

Unit 1:  Interpersonal Communication within the Mediation Process.

Unit aim: to communicate effectively at both a practical and emotional level throughout the mediation process.

Unit 2: Initial Contact with Mediation Clients.

Unit aim: to make and develop contact with clients in order to reach agreement about how the mediation service can be of help.

Unit 3:  Mediation Sessions Between Parties (Joint Party Mediation).

Unit aim: to carry out a mediation session between parties in dispute using a joint party meeting.


Teaching methods Audio-visual, practical exercises, discussion, role play, formal instruction.

Home-study assignments are given to allow learners to demonstrate and consolidate the learning they have already undertaken in the training room.

Assessment method Assessment is the internal process operated by the trainers. Learners are asked to gather evidence to show they have met the standards defined by the Learning Outcomes, and to demonstrate practical skill levels in the training room.

Accreditation is an external process undertaken in conjunction with the Open College Network (OCN). It is not graded but on successful completion of the course you will be awarded a pass certificate following the OCN verification. This will usually be within 4 weeks of the end of the course.

For further information on course content: MTS – course content  

For an application form: MTS – Application 2018

Comments made about previous courses:

“the content of the course was well put together and thoughtfully presented. The small group was good, the feedback from tutor and participants was really useful and tactfully given.”

“the opportunity for role-play was invaluable, but it wouldn’t have been possible without all the prior discussion.”

“the tutors were very informative and personable”

“the opportunity to put mediation into practice with different group dynamics”

“interesting and informative and stimulating role plays”

“enjoyed learning the process of how to mediate, the various skills required”

“the brick building made so much sense”

Additional comments were:

“thank you for the care shown and sensitivity given”

“thank you for a well run and enjoyable course”

“this is a top class & high quality course”

To find out the next available date then contact our training coordinator on 023 8033 1456 or email

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