Welcome to NFS Mediation

“We are committed to deliver practical results to everyday situations and specialise in a range of restorative approaches and dispute resolutions”

NFS Mediation provides a free, confidential and independent mediation service offered to the people of Southampton and surrounding areas. We took our first clients in May 1997 and have steadily received a growing volume of referrals since.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It is a process in which impartial, volunteer Mediators listen to the concerns of everyone involved in the dispute and then empower them to explore ways forward.

As a charity specialising in dispute resolution, we have a proven track record over many years in managing and delivering mediation focussed services. We are committed to deliver practical results to everyday situations.

Whether you want to:

  • Solve a neighbour dispute
  • Bring people together to resolve conflicts in the community
  • Enable tenants to cope effectively with each other
  • Solve conflicts in the workplace. (Download our brochure for more details)
  • Incorporate workplace mediation into your organisation through accredited training or attend one of our training courses aimed at improving life in the workplace.
  • Qualify as a mediator on Mediation Skills – Open College Network (OCN) Level 3 training course.

We achieve our success with highly experienced qualified professional and volunteer mediators and conflict assessors. Now one of the largest county wide mediation service in England.

Our quality services speak for themselves: Our Mediation Assessment Service for social housing landlords has been validated as Best Practice by HouseMark, the national quality benchmarking service for housing organisations.

What we do

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    Mediation »

    Mediation brings together people in difficult situations who through talking can find a way forward.
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    ASB Assessment »

    ASB Assessment gives your clients in conflict the opportunity to be heard, strategies and direction given still within a controlled process.
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    Restorative Justice »

    Restorative Justice empowers victims of crime. As a service NFS continuously delivers a Restorative Justice approach through neighbourhood resolution panels.
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    Training »

    Training is key to the development of people, whether that be through accredited mediation training or half day specifically tailored training.